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Pinfire Shotgun Heads

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There's a few around Bob. Prices 300 and up. Look like bs to me. I can't believe that was ever a good design. They made pistols too. I seen a double barrel spanish pistol for 300. Didn't say what bullit it fired.

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It wasn't a good design. That is why they don't make them anymore and why they are so rare. These probably were in use arpund 1870. I think they came out about 1850 or so.

My point in posting them was not to say what a great gun or design they were. They were neat, rare finds made with a detector and I thought someone might get a kick out of seeing them. A lot of fellows might not have ever heard of a pinfire weapon.

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New to me and I keep all my shotgun brass and look up the dates when I find them. I think finding the different bullets and brass is part of the excitement in detecting. As soon as they come out of the ground I am picturing the hunter standing right there taking the shot. Also keeps your ear tuned when digging up the very small bird shot associated with the cartridge brass.

Good score Bob. Thanks for sharing.

On another thought, I always forget to check cartridges with the opening smashed shut for gold inside. I have heard the old timers did this.

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I found a 45-70 casing with 2 grams of dust inside. I had it for years and always wondered why it was so heavy...figured it was just dirt inside.

Brass casings made darn good measuring scoops and vials. They used them often. I like to find old cartridges because they are dateable and tell the story of an area along side the other trash you find.

When you find those old balloon case 45-70 and the three groove 50 cal bullets you know you are tracking the old timers diggings.

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