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Hard Freeze Warning

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Starting early this year....

... Hard freeze warning in effect from 9 PM PST /10 PM MST/ this
evening to 9 am PST /10 am MST/ Friday...

The National Weather Service in Las Vegas has issued a hard freeze
warning for much of the Mojave Desert region... which is in effect
from 9 PM PST /10 PM MST/ this evening to 9 am PST /10 am MST/
Friday. This is an upgrade to the hard freeze watch.

* Locations and low temperatures...
Las Vegas Valley... mid to upper 20s.
Pahrump area... upper teens to low 20s.
Colorado River valley... upper 20s to low 30s.
Mesquite area... upper teens to low 20s.
Southern Clark County... mid to upper 20s.
Kingman area... upper teens.
Meadview area... mid 20s.
Barstow area... mid to upper 20s.
Baker area... upper 20s.
Yucca and morongo valleys... mid to upper 20s.
Death Valley area... upper 20s to low 30s.

* Freeze impacts: in many areas these will be the first freezing
temperatures experienced this season. Protect sensitive plants and
exposed irrigation plumbing which may be damaged. Pets may suffer
if left outdoors. Run pool pumps overnight to limit the potential
for damage.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A hard freeze warning means sub-freezing temperatures are imminent
or highly likely. These conditions will kill crops and other
sensitive vegetation.

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So cold here in Idaho this morning.

There is a plane down in the mountains with 5 people in it,

just 80 miles or so north of me. This is the second night

it has been lost in snowy cold conditions.

Military choppers went out yesterday from Boise at 0800

yesterday to search for the plane, but did not find what they

were looking for. Just a faint signal from emergency system

aboard. Pray for a miracle...

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Agreed, Don.

I am pretty sure the folks were not prepared for such an event. After over 2-1/2 days, and no sign

from the air or ground, the outcome will not likely be a good one.

That country there is pretty rough, even if they were able to make some sort of emergency landing, which is unlikely,

the temps at night take your breath away.

I would have thought the military would have done a night over flight with heat sensing gear right away, but

that has not been a topic that has been shared with the public...


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It's getting cold here too; snow to 1000' by Saturday?????

VA is screwing me up, I should already be out of town, but can't leave till Monday night for Q!


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