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Got a little bit today


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Welp.........decided to go out to LSD and do some sampling to see if I can find some spots to drywash with dad once it dries out.

First spot was just NW of Jackass flats. Small wash. Did some detecting, found a old bullet shrapnal and dug/sucked it out. That was the best spot actually. Just off the road too.

Second place was a old camp from the 50s...Im guessing... the guys that worked it had done a heck of a lot of drywashing in this wash. LOTS of rocks up on the sides and DW piles all over.

Same thing...dig and suck.

Hit some washes around it and got some more bullet shrapnal and a reeeeaaaaaly small boot tack.

Had one bucket left so I just scooped some gravel out of the bank...that one had about 8 nice flakes in it.

Would be intresting to work the banks in this area if they were not so piled up with rocks!

I dont think any of these spots are too awsome for DW though. I think most of this would be lost with a drywasher.

I ran 4 buckets through the trommel tonight and this is the HUGE haul :)
Guess thats why they call it prospecting??? :)
Tom H.


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