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Bedrock Bob

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Top of the mornin' to ya BB ... good luck with the doves and gold ... beautiful early sunrise. Can't wait now to get home to AZ to see those similar rises out my back window over Mingus Mountain.

Mike F

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We are having cielos tonight. That is fillet dove breat wrapped in bacon on skewers and grilled over mezquite. We make a few with jalapeno, a few with pineapple and a few with onions and cherry tomatoes. Man what GREAT eating!

The dove are thick this year. There are a new kind that are invasive. The Eurasian Collared Dove. No bag limits. They don't want to migrate so they just get thicker. Like small pigeons everywhere. They have discovered the Copper Flat open pit mine and they number in the MILLIONS. The sky is black with tbem and the ground under every bush in the desert has piles of curly q crap under them. You can shoot them until your arm is sore at any time of day.

It is really some riotous fun banging away at the dove and then hitting a few nice pickers to boot. A country boy's paradise!

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You nailed it Klunker! That is why I love this place. A man can wander around shooting stuff and eating it, finding gold and having adventures, and get fed like nowhere else in the world.

Honestly there is less than 5000 acres in this entire state that has little nuggets like that. They are mighty rare anly hard to find. Sometimes I want to head out there and try to get on some of that really good ground you fellows hunt. The ground is brutal to detect here and the chance of a piece over 1/4 oz mighty slim. The food is great and the hunting is fantastic so the urge to detect anywhere else has not been a very strong one.

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Bring some left overs and come on out. I'll have the beer on hand.

I just might take you up on that someday! I would cook and wash dishes for a week to be able to hammer the mother lode for a few hours!

And you should get yourself an oryx hunt or an elk tag and come this direction. The green enchiladas and beans are always hot ifn you ever make it this way. Mi casa tu casa bro!

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