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Introducing the Goose Egg Nugget (22.46 oz Speci)


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reminds me of a golden dragon fetus about to awaken....but then, ive been drinking heavily

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On 12/3/2013 at 10:04 PM, mn90403 said:


I had wondered about a contest for one of the groups. I have not done the test yet because my scale only goes up to 600 grams. When I add up the weight of the contraption to hold the nugget it just reads error.

It would be interesting to have people guess.


That's a great idea!!!; Whoever guesses the closest, wins the nugget.:rolleyes:

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19 minutes ago, fredmason said:

Mitchel may be out traveling....His first find-of-a-lifetime was found in AZ....that is as close as I will get you. He can tell the rest if he wants.


Since its in an area not known for gold, I'm putting a finger on a map and saying Payson. 

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On 10/26/2018 at 10:58 PM, BMc said:

...There are plenty of posts in the archives of the forum that motivate and inform the seasoned prospector and Noobie alike.

When I first joined I spent hours & hours in the archives.. Still do.. As you note they're chock full of great info..
Lately though I've spent time there just catching up on the previous 10 months, which leads directly to the next comment:


Hi Fred -- Due to my absence, last I knew Mitchel & Lu were with child, especially Lu.. I assume all went well but don't even know if they had a boy or girl, regardless how much Mitchel was really hoping for a puppy.. Haven't come across anything in the archives or Mitchel's content; seeing your comment made me figure you know though.. And speaking of you, you doing ok..? Injury or surgery..? Thanks, Swamp /// This getting older stuff sux..!

2 hours ago, fredmason said:

Mitchel may be out traveling...

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