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Introducing the Goose Egg Nugget (22.46 oz Speci)


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This nugget was named by Grandpa John. He was one of the first people to see it after I found it. I found it while hunting alone (Thanksgiving morning) and everyone of my friends I have told about it said don't tell me where you found it (but I want to see it). You have more work to do in that area and when you are finished then let us know more of the details.

What I will tell you is that it was found in a wash and I found no other nuggets in that wash in either direction. I do need to spend more time looking there.

I have not calculated the amount of gold/quartz in it yet and I will leave that to some speculation for now. It has been tested and the gold is connected throughout.

It is easily the largest nugget and amount of gold I have found in one piece.

Thank all of you who have helped me use my 5000 better. It had been a long time between gold finds but this is the third 'piece' in the last 2 weeks!




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Now that's a dandy Mitch! Congrat's!! Reminds me of the story about the potatoe nugget's found on Rich Hill.

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