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new to kern county / bakersfeild ca.


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hello, I am interested in meeting people in this area that has a better understanding of the rules and land use. since I am from northern calif. I metal detect and also would like a idea of were its allowed to prospect for gold. this spring I should be well outfitted for equipment, and wish to travel around to find that yellow gold.

mind you I am not by any means a green pea to prospecting ...just with out the understanding of the land and areas that are off limits ...ect.

if you can help , suggest & point the way I would be grateful



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Been wanting to prospect the mountains surrounding Bakersfield with a detector. My old miner friend has some good leads in the area.

A huge asteroid from out of the north impacted to form the valley. Less then 2% of the estimated 1300 metric tons of gold has been recovered. The asteroid that impacted and formed Sacramento valley, 70% of the gold in the area has been recovered.

Be interested in visiting the area, thanks, bob

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Yellow pages-mining shop or metal detectors and off ya go as locals with in local yokels clubs are great. Definately small gold territory all along the Kern. Your close to the motherlode though starting at Coarsegold and all along Hi Way 49 from there. I used to sell a map in my ol'biz with all the gem/mineral/gold/artifact/locals,still have 1 I kept but much too big to scan. Lotza luck-John-

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They can all come to Mariposa..the only problem here is finding land to detect. You know as well as I do, its mostly PRIVATE PROPERTY... :nono: and these ole time ranchers have had enough of claim , private property jumpers... :Diggin_a_hole: digging up there land..I even heard many of them have taken up varmit hunting :41: and set up those funky cameras with motion sensors. There is a great club in Coarsegold....Coarsegold Prospectors Club has some good claims and the fellas are good folks. That would be the way to go unless you want a red dot on your forehead... :arrowheadsmiley:


I use to live down there and did very well in San Gabriel mountains, off the east fork , some large nuggs that way, especially on the road toward the bridge to nowhere. Also check out Holcomb Valley and Piru creek, just go further down ... in the canyon. Check out the Orange County 49ers, another great club I used to belong to, they have claims in the Rand district...and the El Paso range...thats some good detecting grounds..Good Luck !

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