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New bush guard


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Well, after wiping out two front turn signals and a headlight from going up Arizona washes where I really probably shouldnt be going.....I decided to gather up all my scrap metal around the workshop and make something. :)
WHALA!.......bush guard :)
This aught to keep those nasty branches off me truck.

Tom H.


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Ya cuz , you`d hate to scratch that nice paint job ! :4chsmu1: Looking nice Tom, I like it !!

Im really trying to keep my faded green/rust/paloverde goo paint job nice. Its hard though :P

Boulderdash....aint no gunning it up those washes! Had to build ramps last time to get over some big rocks.

Lots of really gross sounds with the branches digging in on the sides. :O

But.........we got in!!!

Tom H.

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I don't think Tom is too worried about the paint, but he will not be left in the dark now and he won't have to hang his arm out the window to give a turn signal out in the desert, you never know when a cop might be hiding behind a boulder to give you a traffic citation!!! :brows:

Good job Tom.

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