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Very good video but it shows your propensity to label things something other than the obvious!

You had prepared me for the worst and I was waiting for it. Now I understand why Hollywood spends so much time on a title for a movie.


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great video....reminds me of my early years in E. Europe, on weekends the gypsies would arrive with a bear and entertain the kids as the bear does tricks similar to this...as we ate ice cream or watermelon..they sold us also..those gypsies :) But this bear on the video was much more talented !!


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I figure if you can get him trained not to eat you then training him to march and play the bugle is easy.

...sucker is seven feet tall and at least 450 lbs. The dog seems cool with it all. You couldn't hardy imagine that bear being nasty after watching that hula hoop routine. He could break the neck of a big range bull with one bite. I bet when he goes to town with that bear in the back of his truck the vatos stay out of his toolbox.

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This is off topic,but do you know Louie Pacheco ? He owned the Stihl saw shop in Espanola.

I used to buy a lot of stuff from him,and he is a good guy. I fell timber with his brother Roger,

and his uncle Carlos and cousin Joe Silva. Uncle Carlos is one of the best old fellows that I

ever knew. There is lots of good folks around there.

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I've been in there but don't know him. I was just over the mountain from Espanola on the Las Vegas side of the Sangres.

It is still as wild...maybe more so. Things happen in the "north" that would make a combat vet nervous. The law is so darn crooked and there is so much heroin that people just act differently there. The whole place tries my patience even though it is some of the most beautiful country on the planet.

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