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2 and a half years ago I was

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metal detecting for the very first time in my life with my brand new F-75 SE (it hadn't been out of the box less than a week).

But I had taken it up north to Ogemaw Co. where I'd gotten permission to detect on some private property, the older lady had

about 100 acres most of which was grassy fields but 20 or so acres was woods. And I had chose to search in the woods.

About 2 hours in on the 2nd. day I got me a faint iron signal and figured I'd do a little digging, dug that hole 'bout 18 inches round

and a foot deep (swingin the coil occasionally as I dug), but then suddenly the signal was gone, swung it over my dirt pile and

there it was but real strong now. Sifted through the dirt with my earth magnet and quickly got me a loud "click"

I had found me a little black rock...see

I have since had it cut, 2 thin slices set on slides, then sanded and polished the cut side of what is left.

It originally weighed 7.6gm. but it's down to about 4.5 now.

Any opinions? What do ya'll think?

What could this be???






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I thought I'd mess with you fellers a bit, I know what this is. Back on Oct.17, 1921 a fireball lit up the skies over

Rose City, Mi. the next day 3 large pieces were recovered in a time when strewn field dynamics were not

known let-alone understood. I spent 3 yrs. doin part time research then spent most of a summer makin friends with

and earning the trust of a handful of the oldest locals I could meet to get permission to hunt some particular

properties. The fragment I found was about 2 miles from where the original pieces were recovered back in "21".

I know there's more up there, I just ain't made time to git back up there to continue my hunt.

It's from a known witnessed fall classified H-5 impact melt, brecciated, olivine, enstatite, chondrite.


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Wow! And you had this tested to verify that this is impact melt?


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No, I've only had 2 thin sections cut and set on slides by Marco at "Mineral Optics Laboratory" in Vermont.

But when one visually inspects and compares it to known cut and polished specimens from the initial recovery

of fragments back in "21" one can not tell the 2 apart except that my piece is only 7 gm. in weight.

The 3 original pieces recovered had total weight of 23.25 lb. or there abouts.

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