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I went out Saturday after the rain and found a signal among all the lead, shells and nails. It was covered in mud down about 3 inches, up a bit from the very bottom of a wash. After I recovered one of the little ones (.6 g) I then checked the hole and there was another signal which was completely covered in red clay. I could not see any gold but I could wave it over the coil and hear a nice signal. I spit in the scoop and could see a little gold on the larger nugget and I was not done as still another (.6 g) was remaining! All of this was found with the NF 18" and when we were dissolving the clay and cliche the two little pieces came off.

I soaked the nuggets in CLR and the larger nugget went from 1.9 to 1.6 grams.

It is a fun nugget to look at and others say it is the roughest one they have seen from the area.



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Quite delicate this nugget was. We submerged it in my dog's water bowl and suddenly the reddish clay yielded that unmistakeable flash of yellow hidden just beneath. No soft bristled toothbrush to be found in my truck. So we attempted to roll it gently between thumb and fingers, but a tiny point broke off. So we immediately ceased our caresses until Mitchel had a chance to get to work with some CLR and soft bristles. A VERY nice specimen fit for a connoisseur.

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