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Who`s Idea Was This ?


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I said to boulder dash as we hid under a canopy waiting for the rain to end.

Thursday was beautiful out , and we were able to get some dry washing, and detecting in. Friday however , we couldn`t even leave camp. Saturday the rain finally let up around 11am after a good 38 hours of consistent downpour. Boulder dash referred to it as a deluge, and I was inclined to agree.

We were able to detect the afternoon on Saturday and a few nice pieces of gold were found in a relatively short period of time. The rains came again Saturday night and never stopped. Our spot was slopping wet, muddy mess by this time and the trip was called short Sunday morning.

Boulder dash may post some of his or maybe a few from a previous visit.

Here are the pieces I was fortunate enough to find with the Gold Bug II & SD2200. Some of the fines were panned from a dry washer, but most were detected.


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I think it was YOUR idea!! :)
Dood............awsome gold.

This was great weekend for detecting. Not so much for mudwashing though.

I got out today and got a skunk....got some nice lead though :)
Its all good.

Congrats on the yellow stuff.
Tom H.

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Sweet gold nuggets! I love the cubes and wires. Very cool.


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Here is some dirty detecting gold and some clean drywasher gold. I did not like all the rain and mud and wet. You know your earning it when you sit under a leaking gazebo for a full day saying it's getting brighter out just to see it rain even more.


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Wow, Adam ... You were on, or within a few feet of the source .... Nice! ... Cheers, Unc

Hmmmmm........not sure if i've ever seen a source of this forum :idunno: Maybe someone will show us pictures of a source one day..i'd love to see one.

Nice gold guys!

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