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So, I've been working on an online digital photography and Photoshop course. The course is 6+ hours of instruction on how to improve your digital images though Photoshop, etc. Much of the focus is on landscape photography and there is also an interesting section covering nighttime photography, such as taking photos of the Milky Way. Anyway, a full list of the topics is found below.

I wanted to promote the course by giving out 10 free sign-ups to this forum. I will also be sending out similar invites to a few other forums. I would appreciate any positive reviews posted on the course after you watch a video or two and perhaps take a quiz.

I will admit that I am not the most gifted at 'spitting' out words in rapid-fire fashion at times; there are a few "ums", & "ers", but the information is still useful.

Please be sure to pass this along to any friends whom you also might think would be interested in something like this course...and Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Rex B.

Enter the coupon code: TenFreeNugget to get free access to the course.

Go here to visit the course https://www.udemy.com/photoshop-digital-photography/

Full list of topics:

Importance of the dslr camera image sensor versus megapixels
-IQ (image quality)
-RAW files, tiff files & jpg format
-Tricks on contrast, levels, sharpening detail, exposure, stacking layers, etc.
-Removing chromatic aberrations
-Removing lens distortion
-Fine tuning hue
-Auto blending & auto stitching photos together
-Posting images to the Internet (Adobe RGB vs sRGB)
-HDR photography
-HDR demo in Photomatix
-Outdoor photography, nighttime photography, etc.
-Restoring old photos
-Making a person younger, older, fatter or thinner in Photoshop

Intended Audience:
Amateur Landscape Photographers
Digital Camera Novices
Graphic Designers
Photoshop & Photomatix users
Course Requirements:
Basic Photoshop Skills
Basic Photography Knowledge
-Build proficiency in the more useful aspects of Photoshop
-Learn how to successfully produce stunning imagery through post-production
-Sharpen landscape and night sky photography skills
-Expand general understanding of Photoshop and digital photography
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Just a quick update, if you missed out on the ten free passes for the Nuggetshooter forum, you can still sign up for the course during Black Friday through Cyber Monday (Nov. 28th - Dec. 2nd) for the nominal fee of only $5!!!

Promo code: Thanks-NOV

Direct Link: https://www.udemy.com/photoshop-digital-photography/?couponCode=Thanks-NOV

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