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Gold Nugget Detecting with the New Garrett ATX

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OK folks, here you go. I have spent about two days of nugget detecting with the new Garrett ATX metal detector over the course of three actual days at three different locations. I learned a lot about the detector, and did actually find some gold with it, no small feat for this prospector from Alaska. I am a total newbie in the Lower 48 and were it not for good friends would have a much harder time placing myself in some decent locations. I learned enough I wrote up a very long article with photos on my website which is a lot easier for me to maintain and update with new information than posting on a forum.

The bottom line is a big thumbs up for the ATX for nugget detecting. I was very impressed by the ability of the ATX to find very small gold nuggets straight out of the box with the 12" x 10" DD coil. No special tuning, just a high sensitivity setting and careful hunting. My two smallest nuggets weighed in at 0.12 gram and 0.16 gram which says more to me about the ATX than finding larger gold. 1.36 grams total in four nuggets. Check it all out in the article.

Steve Herschbach


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Nice writeup Steve.... I have been on other forums and they say about the same as you. Looks like a really good detector.


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I thought the detail on the coil was interesting. I wonder if that sort of DD might come available with 2nd party Minelab coil dealers as well or if it might be a patent issue. Sure would love to be able to use a DD in some noisy hot areas and still have sensitivity close to a mono. Especially if they made that inner loop a bit closer in size to the outer loop. Or maybe that would destroy the sensitivity (or functionality in general) of the coil design?

Anyways, thought that part was interesting and good to gave a better understanding on, thanks.

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