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Minelabs 3 New Detectors


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Codan, owners of Minelab, had their annual shareholders meeting Oct 23, and presented 3 4 new detectors coming out during the next 2 years.

1. New Minelab Flagship Gold Detector, using a new technology, (rectangular wave ??? ).

2. A new Minelab Mid Range Gold detector.

3. A new Minelab dual sensor detector for the military, where ground penetrating radar is used with the detector.

4. A new Minelab low cost detector.

Also there are new patents. Its a little vague, and could cover a wide range of things, but seems to focus on optical times for sending data, wireless??? Don't know.

Also rectangular wave patents??

Here is a link to the shareholders meeting notes:


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Nice find!

Man if they ever release a handheld GPR/detector combo unit for the consumer market that actually worked and was more than a gimmick that would be one awesome machine. Looking forward to seeing what their so called new technology is too.

Maybe we'll see some actual innovation here for the first time in a while.

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Well, All, here's what I don't understand about having a GPS function on a gold finding metal detector ... I remember the exact location of every nugget I've ever found ... That's in the thousands, but if there's an area to look in, I can walk up to whatever may be left of the indention in the ground ... So, my point is that I would not pay a nickle extra for that particular feature ... And, of course, after a few years, you sell the detector, have you also sold your long ago patches? ... Just a curiosity type question ... Cheers, Unc

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Ron - GPR (ground penetrating radar) is what the release said.

But I agree, GPS is pointless on a detector, no idea why so many request it. I wouldn't be surprised if they include it too on the new release, if so I hope they give an option to get one without it and save $500 extra or whatever inflated rates they would charge for a $15 GPS chip I already have in my phone.

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