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Battery Hummmmm

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I've got a strange issue with one of my 4500 batteries and curious if any of you have ever had it. When I plug my headphones into the battery, I get a loud hum/buzz sound. It does it with just the battery and headphones, doesn't need to be hooked up to the detector.

The weird think is, it does it with my stock KOSS headphones, and a set of CALRAD headphones, but it doesn't do it with my Black Widows??? So basically the battery is not usable UNLESS I use it with the black widows, then it runs quiet and work just as it should, keeps a full charge, all that good stuff.... Not a real big deal since I have a gold screamer that I use most of the time, the stock batteries for backup... Just curious if anyone has had this issue and if there is a fix for it...

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Hey garimpo,

Sorry for the confusion, I'm talking about one of the stock ML batteries, when its all set up normally (I just mentioned the screamer because I use it most of the time. I have 2 stock batteries for backup, and it is one of these batteries that does it).

Standard setup... detector>>curlycord>>battery>>headphones.

It's definitely not the headphones that are the problem, as I have used all of them with all my other detectors with no problem, and I can also use them with my other stock ML battery and they all works fine. It is just that one battery that ONLY works with the Black Widows, and hums with the Koss and Calrad headphones. Its a loud hum too, 2x or 3x louder than you would normally run your threshold.

Just though it was strange... fortunately its still usable as long as I have it hooked up to the BWs, but my favorite headphones are actually the Koss, which make it hummmmm....

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Sounds like a feedback hum. Sometimes with multiple male connectors going into a female ( speaker/headphone jacks ) I have encountered this situation . I have always been able to re-insert and or jiggle the 2 together and find the sweet spot for a good connection.
This may be your problem and may not. But it could be just a simple problem with the connection.

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you might be right Frank... Next time I'm out I will play with it more extensively and see what happens. Fortunately I can always keep those BW headphones together with the battery and then it will work flawlessly. Just thought it was odd for sure

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Typically, in any audio system, a hum means there is an imbalance in the system. I do not know if these are a balanced or unbalanced design. If it's a balanced audio system, I'd check for a ground in the system. If it's an unbalanced system, I'd check for a bad or weak ground in the system.


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