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Came back in today.....

Jim Gilmore

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I got out last Wednesday to hunt some more for the yellow stuff. I did not dig as much as I would have liked and only got 3 buckets of dirt from the spot I been working on. I did not find any where as much gold as I would have liked. I got 2 nice piece that would be large micro nuggets and on Monday I was playing with the diablo umax a bit and got a third micro nugget out of a very worn down tailing pile. Have not yet decided to send it in even though the hot rock adjustment knob has broke since I can still find stuff.hope to upload a photo tomorrow.

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HJ wins. 8 degrees here, snow on the ground, probably won't get out of the 20s today. Probably done here until spring.

The UFO coil has been a very good coil. I can't say definitively that the nugget stalker series works any better. Lighter yes but not as durable.

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Not as cold as elsewhere, but pretty chilly for Wickenburg AZ. I was out on Friday and it got to 23. Did get some color, but not enough to trip the scale, so less than .01 grams. What I got was very chunky and had some native rock attached.


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