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I'm trying to figure out what these reddish crystals are. It's on quartz from a lode mine in Gold Basin. There are probably a couple hundred little mini versions on the other side but they have no crystaline structure like these two pieces, they are kinda globular and too small to photo.

It's too small for me to do the normal tests with, just wondering if anyone is familiar with the area or seen these before? They are pinhead size. I managed to get the corner of streak plate onto a face and it turns the outside of the crystal to a whitish powder, maybe slightly yellow but everything is so small its impossible to tell.

I'm guessing vanadinite or sphalerite? Anyone familiar with the ore around here seen it before and know?


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Thanks Dutchman, that's what I was thinking as well, just need a second opinion.

I found some encouragement to check these ore piles out I've been walking past for years and this is almost as fun as placer prospecting when you "dig" into it.

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