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My son and I went on the hunt of a lifetime this weekend. Oryx hunting at the north end of White Sands Missle Range.

Here is the bull he shot. 450 lbs of badass animal. He stopped a 30-06 165 grain Nosler partition bullet at 150 yards. He was shooting a 1903 Springfield that had been sporterized by an uncle of his Grandfather after WW1.

This hunt was the real deal. Fair chase spot and stalk over 1200 square miles of area dotted with nuclear blast sites, land mines, unexploded tank rounds and high energy laser beams. We saw a Stealth fighter take on a tank and a couple of drones, a Patriot missle firing and drove around the blast crater of the first nuclear explosion...yes there is trinitite there. We saw about a hundred animals and my son made ffive stalks of over three miles each to finally score this big rascal.

An amazing hunt in an amazing place. World class safari hunting in a bizzare setting. What a freaking big fat hoot!

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We will finish the butchering this evening and will dig the matanza tomorrow for the front shoulders and lower legs. We will have about 150 lbs of the finest meat you can eat in the freezer and twenty pounds of "pit BBQ".

After grinding all the scraps I am hoping for 190 lbs of meat. If we stop eating three steaks a day we might be able to meet that goal.

Man this stuff is excellent grub! I just had a rare 1/2 lb. burger that was outta sight! The meat is so mild it makes beef taste strong. Tender too! You can cut those pan fried steak fingers with the edge of a fork. Best darn eating around. I would rather elk than almost any meat. This stuff isas good as elk...maybe better.

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