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Hey all:
Welp, got out today with dad and did some swinging. Went to a totally new area. It was really different geology from what im used to.

Very quite ground, no trash and some beige colored shist.

Im thinking, this is not gold country. Well, lo and behold I pop a dink in a small drainage on the side of a hill. Nothing in the washes. I hunted high and low in the area trying to find his reletives but to no avail. This one was down in the shist a couple of inches. It breaks apart like dried clay.

The beige shist is all over that area and I cant figure out why there would not have been anymore gooshed up close by the dink.

The more gold I find the less I think I have it figured out! :)
Well, good day out, Good Lord blessed us with some gold and we got back out safely.

Its a massive .4 gram!

The other nugs on the left of the pic are from a few days ago in a area that the floods replenished for us. Total weight is 3.5 grams.

Tom H.



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You beat the skunk guys :head: The only patches I find are patches of Cholla Cactus and Acacia :grr01: Keep it up !!

Oh there were plenty of Cholla there!.

After looking at the truck tonight I think I brought back half of the dead branches in that wash and left half of the paint on the sides up there!. Crap was coming in the windows, stuck in the hood/fenders and in the windows on the back. Had to build ramps to get over the bigger rocks in the wash. I really need to make a push guard for the front.....or find bigger washes :)

Tom H.

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