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Gold Basin 73.9 grammer

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On Thursday November 14 I found this 73.9 g meteorite which is my largest find from there. The size is really not that 'great' but the fact it has a smooth surface makes it a bit special.

I have taken the dust off in water and with a soft toothbrush. I'm told that is the only thing you do to them if that much. Should I do more?





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I have seen many others larger and about the same size but I think that the more unique thing about this one is the larger smooth surface.

I'm certainly very pleased with the size also.


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Nice find Mitchel.

The only other thing you might want to do is window it. Karl windowed his Franconia and the iron is clearly visible.



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Aloha Mitchel,

Nice find and it looks like it is part of a fragment so there just may be more pieces in the area to match this one. I would grid the area starting at a 50' square and work may way out from there. Good luck and remember to go "low and slooooooow" for the remainding pieces.

Aloha and stay safe,

Stan aka Kaimi

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