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New coming from Minelab

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This is the rumor I spoke about last week.

MPS, SETA and powered by on board "C" cells.

Id bet a few timing/audio filters choices as well.

The announcement went out to dealers several days ago.

What my guess is: A GPX4800 like up-graded and Waterproofed consumer F3/F3L variation.

once the new model is released it will be like a few years back when the GP2100v2 & GP2200v2 where offered as the reduced priced PI models, but this time sounds like they are intentionally going after some of the ATX's market share(an even cheaper alternative to the GPX4800). Seems like a likely conclusion both the F3/F3 Compact (although I think that the F3/F3L looks the most like the garret design) and the GPX4800/GPX5000 are all current production models. It would be relatively easier to mix the F3/F3L's platform with some of the features of the GPX4800 than completely R&D a new model from scratch. Chris' comment last week(That the new model is also a PI machine) and this latest insight having said the new model has MPS, and SETA (like the GPX line of models) and built in disposable batteries instead of the current Battery system (which replacement ones cost $440+). Makes me think also that a few timing options (the first four that come to mind that would make the lower price new machine well rounded would be: Enhance, Normal, Salt-Coarse, and Coin and Relic.) and audio profiles from the GPX4800 would most likely also be included. Any of the afore mentioned options (even if only an Auto tune button, one three position switch to toggle from the GPX type Enhance, Normal, and Salt-Coarse timings and a coil mode switch like the old GP series) should give the ATX a run for it's money, sense all that I have ever seen in the ATX video's posted on the forums only show it having a gain/ sensitivity adjustment (which the factory recommended preset is darn near maxed out) and currently only two or three coils offered the stock DD, and an optional mono or two.

The F3/F3 compact platform (although I personally think that the F3L looks the most like Minelabs already existing version of the garret ATX design) + modifications adding GPX4800 features (Most likely a modified to fit the F3 exterior GPX4800 main board or even simply a GPX4800 like up-grade to the existing F3 main board, with any display, switch's and knobs facing up like a whites control box with the software limited to the four above mentioned timings stuffed into the F3/F3L or F3 Compact housing/ shell) - current Battery system( to save $) = fast track to market (to compete with the ATX and TDI for buyer's wanting to stay in that price range). A machine with the looks of the Minelab F3/F3L, Garrett ATX, and Whites TDI all rolled into one with a slimmed down version of the GPX4800 features and sold in about the $2,500-$3,500 price bracket I would think it would be competitive indeed. (I personally would not trade in my GPX5000 for this conceptual idea, but for those who cannot justify spending $5500-$6000 for a GPX5000, this idea could be a compelling option) :duc: (Sorry Chris, Hope I haven't let too much of the cat outta the bag at this point. Hmm, wonder if Minelab has any R&D Engineering consultant positions that I could do by e-mail and phone in my spare time. :ROFL: Although it is going to be interesting to see how close to right my guess turns out to be.)

I personally think that the F3L looks the most like Minelabs already existing version of the garret ATX design:



Now if I could only get my hands on an F3's exterior and the guts from a GPX4800 so I can make the concepts display mock up. :ROFL:

(Now if they don't care about the ATX's look, an even faster and easier way, would be to take a GPX control box from the assembly line and instead mark it as a GPX2300 or GPX3800 for example (I personally like the GPX3800 idea because it quickly gives the impression of offering more than the GP3500 did, and less than the GPX4800 does now) , put GPX4800 components in, assemble, go into and down grade the software as above. As all components are already in production, Time to complete a new working and all ready proven prototype about 1-2 days or so. I would expect any in field product testing before release would be practically non existent or minimal at best, as that had already been done with those options on the GPX4800 and GPX5000. This version of the concept theoretically should be able to be brought to market in about 30-90 days or so. Basically only requiring the advertisements, packaging, and manuals of the new product line to be made. And once again most of that is already done thanks to the GPX4800, just re-label and switch photo's of the new unit, and remove the parts in the adds and manuals that are not included in the new lower cost version. For Minelab practically no additional new R&D costs, practically no additional new production costs, minimal new advertising and packaging costs which all spells low additional overhead costs to make = more profit margin per unit. And with any luck the consumers get a lower retail price for a quality already proven machine. Sounds like a win-win for every one.)

The one I saw yesterday had 2300 on the side, I was too far away to see the letters. Anyway it's still a secret :duc:

Don, As with all secret projects it was most likely some thing like X2300 . :ROFL: Calling the new model something like the GPX2300 would make alot of sense with Minelabs current numbering system for consumer products. :duc: Opps Sorry Don, lIke you said "Shhhhhhh, it's a secret!!!" :ROFL::duc:

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It stands to reason, that in this day, with high unemployment and bad economy, people would rather buy food or pay bills, rather than lay out $5000.00 for a detector, but might think twice about buying one for half that. Grubstake

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Anybody have a copy of that Lost Treasure ad they can post? Are ads subject to copyright? You would think the more coverage the better.


I just read the GPX5000 review that you did on your web site. With your comments about the ergonomics of the GPX5000 and how a waterproofed hybrid mix of the GPX5000 electronics in a CTX 3030 like housing would be nice, and with the way this post started, makes me wonder if minelab was listening to you. :ROFL:

Should be interesting once they release the new machine (or at least more info about it).

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