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First Nugget in a YEAR


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Well, it has been a long time and I am somewhat embarrassed to say but it has been over a year since I last found gold in the desert but I did it yesterday. I used a new to me 18" Nugget Finder and found this 4.5 g dirty nugget which I have cleaned up. At the time I found it I could not clearly tell if it was lead or ... so it would have been nice to have that ultimate gratification we sometimes get in private ... mine was delayed until I could look at it more closely and clean it up.

Thanks to many of you who have given me advice and told me that I was doing all the right things and the only thing I had not done was swing over gold but don't give up. I didn't and I won't now that I have a coil that can find darn near anything.





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Must congradulate you on your persistance. Most would have had thier detector up on E-bay by now :)
Glad you stuck with it and thats a REALLY nice size nugget!
Hope you get a lot more.
Tom H.

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That's a nice looking nugget. Good job sticking with it and finding it!


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That's a real beauty, Mitchel... WTG!!!! ... That's a great coil ... I just put a new one on classifieds that's brand new ... I'd love to keep it, but the back of my truck is so full o coils that I can't even get back there ... Despite my love of collecting coils, you honestly only need about 3 or 4 or maybe 5 :head: ... I've got coils buried in the back of my truck I haven't seen for 4 years or more ... Anyhow, that 18" NF Mono Advantage is the cream of the crop... Congrats on a great skunk whacker ... Cheers,Un

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90403 hope your like my grand-sons other grand-pa. He hunts with me using all of my equipment and last month it had been over a year since he had found any gold. We were at my lake patch and he was standing right behind the truck trying to tune the 3500 so I told him to get farther away from the truck. He walks about 20 feet behind me and the truck and does his auto tune and lowers the coil to balance it and he was having trouble getting it to balance. Since I didn't have my gear on yet I went over to give him a hand, sure nuff a lot of strange signals when trying to balance, so I moved over a foot and it balanced right away.

Gave the detector back to him and the dummy went right back over the same spot where the detector wouldn't balance out a nugget 1" deep!!!!!

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