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Nice Half Oz Surprise

Uncle Ron

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Down about 15 inches ... GP4500 NF 14"E ... Right at a half ounce ... One of my favorite hunting areas, surrounded by basalt .... No small bits here, one was a DWT but everything else is 1/4 ozt or better ... Very hot ground but the nuggets scream like banshees over the ground noise!!!!!!! Lots of junk, rust, nails and old tools but virtually no fine gold ... Weird ... Cheers, Unc



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Dang! That's a nice one Ron! WTG! Now what's the chances there's more down below that one?

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Crimmy Ron!
Thats a beautiful nugget.

I sure wouldnt mind digging some hot rocks and trash to turn that up.

WTG...get some more :)
Tom H.

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Thanks for showing us another example for why we all should be here ... to learn how to get one or more of those for our own poke ... and to congratulate those of us who still do!


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way to go man ... I could only imagine the excitement .

No crap... I'd be making a special trip to town on that one... you know to do a little drinking, pay off the mercantile, maybe by a lady's company for the night... then back out to the fields by morning. :thumbsupanim

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