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Thank you Bedrock Bob, Uncle Ron and Frank C


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Yes, I found gold with the puffer.

Now, don't be jealous, but it has to weigh at least

.0001 grams. Pictures to come after the auction.

I went to LSD "where X marks the spot" (hat tip Ron), did some detecting,

nothing but trash.

Hey, stop laughing, Chris Gholson, that's right, Chris Gholson told me he's NEVER done well at LSD:

"San Domingo is a good goldfield. I have never done very well there, but I have seen lots of nuggets from there. I saw a specimen from there a few years back that must have had at least 6-ounces of gold in it. I would focus on the little gullies out there. Target the material in the cracks of the volcanic bedrock and you should find some nice color with the puffer."

I set up my brand new Ol' Yeller Little Guy puffer and started digging.

[Note to self- build a vac and get a mule.]

Ran three or four buckets, took the cons and a full bucket to run at home to show the family how we're gonna get rich.

Next day ran the last one, panned everything and found colors in each pan.

Take a look at the "Highbanker vs Drywasher Advice Request" topic for a lot of useful material (thanks Bob).

Frank custom builds a high quality machine. I thought about building one myself,

then started adding up the time and materials. Just for sourcing it wasn't worth it,

let alone trying to redesign, duplicate craftsmanship and functionality.

It is a beautiful piece of equipment.

Frank showed me how to work it and the next day I found gold.

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