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Well folks I know you have been waiting to hear these coils will be on the market and my first shipment is on the way, still going to be sending some out for folks to try in the coming weeks and will have them on my site also this week...

Stay tuned for some video etc. of these coils working in the field and no I will not be doing public testing against other popular coils on the market because that is not how one should operate. What we offer is some very good coils in some new configurations and sizes not seen in the PI circle as well as coils for the VLFs as well! Very sensitive and deep seeking with a price that will not break the bank!

I have been very busy putting these new coils through the paces over the last couple weeks and am very happy with the results...

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Definitely like their prices. Hopefully the coils perform as well as the other manufacturers. The more options and competitors the better. I also like to see some different designs.

Bill - I believe PM's website shows a 6" coil for the GB 2. I'm in need of a new coil for mine. Do you have any?

- Mike Greyshock

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They are mono coils shown and more types are soon to come. Currently testing is ongoing but I have got some things to add.

On the rectangle 12 x 4 and 18 x 6 coils which are excellent for getting into tight places as well as getting a good amount of ground coverage for a small width coil are not as sensitive as some small round coils. This is normal I am told by the manufacturer because of the shape that is designed to get under bushes and into rocks better. This is though not a big deal to me as I use different coils for different situations and this shape and design is a nice addition to the "tool" box.

The issues we have faced is with falsing at the wire exiting the coil and at control box, but this issue is now taken care of. I will be ready to send you a coil to try soon Mike G. and the others that I have talked to it is just that these coils must be perfect before we will offer them here for sale.

The 18 x 14 is one of my favorite coils so far as it is lightweight and gets great depth while remaining sensitive to small gold shallow.

The coils for the Gold Bug and other models are also very soon to be available and I will see if I can get a date for you.

More to come..... Bill

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