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Nugget Found at Gold Basin Today


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Got out to Gold Basin a little late today, started hunting at noon. But ended up getting a 5 gram nugget, and a 45 gram meteorite. Found it in a creek bed, a couple inches down, wedged between some bedrock crevices. Just maybe 50 feet down, I dug down to bedrock with a good signal, only to find a 410 casing, thinking this sounded like the same thing I was not to excited, until I saw a little gleam of Gold !!! Also found an old tobacco tin with a mining claim still in it, to afraid to take it out, it looks like it will just shred to pieces.


P.S. I posted a youtube video on it also here...http://youtu.be/nVkzzL4dhm8


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Man that is awsome!
WTG Dave.

Nice big clunker and a space rock too boot. :)
Tom H.

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I do BELIEVE and of course for anything to really be there you HAVE to BELIEVE............ This may be a BANNER season for good finds Because of a really nice but not really very much RAIN this past season.
Imagine if we REALLY had a BAD AZZ RAINY SEASON :yesss::th::ROFL:

Well this kinda talk bout dem Golden Nuggets sure gives me the " NUGGET :evil1: JONES " so I'm headin out fer a bit an do some Swingin. :head:

Hapy Huntn

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Great job and did you see what Jason is selling? He showed me more basin nuggets than I've ever seen in one place.

I don't know if you guys need each other but I sure need one of you.

Jason, how many space rocks did you find while getting all that gold?


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