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Back in the 80s.........


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Hey all:
Found some pix of me and Dad back in the 80s.

We were doing a lot of dredging and exploring back then.

Paid off really good with a 3 oz nug about 5 feet down in a small trib to Big Bug.

Fun pix of me stuck in the baja bug up at Tip Top mine

Dad finally killing my baja after I broke the right front ball joint....man what a ride out...took the seat belts out and strapped it all togther and loaded the back left up with rocks to keep the weight off of it.

Some pixs of me dredging............

One of the bug after I rolled it up in the hills when I lost my brakes coming down a ugly mountain.....walked out 5 miles on that one!

Using the rocker box up behind lake pleasant.

And...I actually got a 76 Jeep PU stuck. yup had to dig that one out.

Fun times in my youth.

Tom H.









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:yesss: in days of old.....sure miss'm. Had a nice split window flat bottomed bug too. Used to hit creeks at full throttle and skip like a rock thrown on top of water. Beat that thang to death and never quit. thanx for the long view back to a MUCH happier time-John :D

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Hey guys....tks for the comments.

Yah, it was a great time back then. Had a little more "youth" and was a bit more indestructable.

Sometimes I kick myself for not staying in it and coming up through the PI age and knocking it out getting nuggets in the late 80s/90s. But, then I say to myself...heck, We wouldnt be having all the fun were having now! :) Guess some others will wish they went through the 2000s like we are now.

Matt.......that stinger was just a noise maker! You know how it was back then :) Im a teen ager...here I come...

Uncle Ron........your right on :) Memories to last a lifetime. Thats what im still making now! :)

Rimshot.....We are way better off with the cameras today. I remember going months and then shooting some BS pics just to finish out the roll of film....then take it to Yellow front or K mart or somewhere and wait a week to get it back and a lot of them were blacked out/yellowed out....you know :) Remember the little booths that would give you one day film processing..that was the cats meow back then!

Garimpo....that white stuff is snow. That was a really cold trip. We were sleeping in the back of that black and white 76 Jeep PU with a tarp pulled over the back. Woke up in the morning and the tarp was in our faces....I looked out the back and got a shovel full of snow on my head. What a way to wake up! LOL
Had to bust off 2 inches of ice to get the water going again...dredge for 30 mins...run up to the fire and cook my feet in the waders...and go back to the hole.

Thats the one we got a nice 3 oz nug out of.

Eugene gulch off of poland junction a little north of mayer AZ if anyone want to go hit it. Got to do it in the spring melt.

Not good for detecting. Deep and TONS of trash from the mine above it.

Hoser John...yup! thats the way to do it in a bug....try to fly across as fast as you can and hope like crap you can get some traction coming up out of it. Dang I did that so many times!!!

I look at the one with me sitting on the sluice box of my dredge and wonder who the heck is that guy :0

Heck guys.....dig out some old pix....snap some digital shots of them and post them up!

We all like a ride back in time :)
Tom H.

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