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Print a Metal Pistol!

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Its sintered metal. Not like a piece of solid steel. They bake them like a cake to get the "droplets" of metal to partially fuse together. It is cool technology that has great applications for sure. I am not sure a sintered metal pistol is on my wish list though. Real Colt quality is available at a great price.

This is exactly the same thing as we discussed a few years ago. NASA was making ceramics and fiddling with superconductive materials with the sintering technology.

It sure is a neat test of the technology, and doing a pistol like this gets good attention for sure. The real deal is medicine and surgery...they are working on building parts inside your body without cutting you open.

They can already glue bones back together and strengthen vein walls with laser/magnetic technology adapted from printing. They are also "printing" on the molecular level and developing tissue, drugs and modified bacteria. Soon they will be able to "print" simple life forms and cells that could cure many diseases...or cause them.

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Sintered metal is certainly as good or better than forged or cast metals in many applications. Just look at knife blades, some of the best in the world are sintered metals. My favorite being CPM S30V...... It's only drawback is cost.

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You guys have really lost it now. Me, I would print out a moon rock and put it on ebay and really make some bucks. Just a thought!

Aloha and stay safe out there,

Stan aka Kaimi

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