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"Lil guy" dry washer review.

Caliche Chris

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Hey all, just wanted to put this up for anyone considering a new dry washer. Frank C here on the forum is the master mind behind these. I bought mine back around January of this year sometime. Now, if I have a spot where I know there's decent gold, and I want to move yards of dirt then I bring my blower operated dry washer. The tricky part for me is finding that next good patch of gravel. I can't even think how many times I've found a nice pocket in a stream, realized there was decent gold in the area, and thought to myself, " wow! I've finally found it! A spot loaded with gold!" And then a week or two later I'm having trouble finding a speck or two in the same area. That's when I'm faced with the conundrum of staying where I am digging dirt, or going to look for another hot spot. Well usually I would just keep digging or move my big dry washer and start a whole new dig without really knowing what was under the dirt. I've worked out a strategy with the lil guy dry washer that really helps get to your next hot spot. I take the "lil guy" and a dust broom or just a vac set up. Go to a creek or wash or bedrock patch that has always caught your eye but you've never tested. Find a few nice patches or cracks to sweep and vacuum. Once you get enough to fill the hopper just run it through the "lil guy" (I prefer to run dirt twice) and do a quick test. You can pop the riffle tray off and check right there, no panning necessary, so bring some tweezers and a vial! Any spot I find color I put a rock that stands out In that crack or hole. Just a local piece of quartz or anything nearby that will catch my eye next time I come through. This method takes some of the guesswork out of finding your next dig site. The "lil guy" is very sturdy and well built. It can be bungied to a back pack or folded up and carried by its convenient handle. It is very light and you can pack it a long way with no trouble. I believe the only two parts that are separate from the unit are two large " thumb screw" type bolts that lock the machine together, and you just unscrew those two to break it down. It has a very quick break down and set up time.

If anyone is looking for a great sampler to help find a pay streak, or if your a beginner who wants to get a well priced and durable dry washer to learn the ropes with, you can't go wrong with this machine. It's a great machine for even the most seasoned prospector, some days I'm just sic of hauling tools and digging. Days when I get to go sampling with the "lil guy" are like days off to me because it's so easy, and I get to go explore new areas instead of just mindlessly digging in one spot all day. I'll get some pics up soon.

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