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Thanks to Bill for his ever so tasty briskit, Fred for his classic chili verde, and Patrick for slaving away in his small kitchen, getting flour on everything to produce another award winning cleverly decorated cake! Last but not least a big thank you to Shep for hosting at his place and providing fire and electricity.. Thanks to everyone for pitching in with side dishes!

It was great to see old friends and make some new ones.....


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Thanks Bill and Mykala it was good to see you.
And to all that catered our supper Sat night.

Yes it was a treat to get some of "Mason's Chile Verde" I'd have driven 100 miles for a ration of that anytime.
Mr. Shep a big THANKS for your hospitality all evening.
And a Thanks to Twink Monrad for making a special trip to the gathering at mealtime just to drop off her "to die for" cookies and say hello to everyone.
I had a few hours huntn time along with my wife Teri and she "dusted me again scoring 2 space rocks to my 1.
No yeller metal for that afternoon hunt.
Good Luck All an Hapy Huntn till next time.

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Well Heck:
Sounds like you guys had a really good time. Glad to see that. :)
Bill...............hope you will do a brisket at the Feb. outings. If ya need some help with it let me know.$$

Patrick...you always come through with the cake :) Cant wait to see some pics of it.

Shep is de man....always there and always sharing.

Heck Frank....glad you were able to just get out and do something after the surgery. Koodos!!!!
Tough as a woodpecker beak :)

Glad ya all had a good time.

Tom H.

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I agree, the meal was FANTASTIC....

And I can't say enough about Shep offering his "front yard" and firewood for the festivities. It just goes to show you why he is my hero.

Lon and I dearly wanted to host the event in our area of the camp, but he won out, and rightly so.

Till the next time,

Patrick .....

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Thanks for making everyone show up! For everyone who missed it ... don't let it happen again.

Good cake, cookies, chile, brisket and chatter. I learn more each time I go and it was nice to find a couple of 20g+ space rocks.

Some of us will be out at Franconia in December. There is still some gold left there too.


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I arrived home a couple of hours ago. Don Morin and I enjoyed seeing where all of you gather for your October hunt. Now that we realize that you eat before dark, perhaps next year we can actually RSVP to eat along with the group. I really enjoyed meeting new hunting friends and so good to see those of you whom I already knew. It brought back a lot of good memories where we would gather with eager hunters in the early Gold Basin meteorite days. Next year maybe we can convice John B. to be there, and yes, John, I did deliver the long awaited hug to Frank C. from you and Jenny. No matter how the luck of hunting goes, I still love Gold Basin.


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Thanks for the tasty meat, Bill! I found a few meteorites but no gold...

the oatmeal cookies and peanutbutter/chip cookies were very tasty;thanks Twink and Terry...

for those that asked or care...

the pot of chili I served was made with:

about 6 pounds of boned pork ribs- bbq-ed then cubed...

3 large cans of smoked/chopped green chilis

3 or 4 chopped serrano chilis and four whole chilis which I removed as I thought the chili was getting too hot...

2 or 3 heaping tablespoons of red chili powder...

6-8 cloves of fresh garlic


water to cover the whole shebang...

bring to a boil and then simmer for the day...




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Hi Fred,

Yes I care and was just about to ask! Thank you for the ingredient list, can't wait to make some here at home.

Super good green chile stew! And I had a piece of the brisket too, also super delicious, Bill. I am sure the rest of the spread was wonderful also, well, next year...will stay around longer to eat.


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Fred I know you would have told me but whenever I thought of asking there was no pencil or paper around, thank you for the recipe.
And it looks like you had plenty of fun for 1 person with the photo of new found meteorites !!!! Nice beepin.
Hapy Huntn and there will be Chile Verde for the holidays at Frank C's house this year.

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