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Time for another Before & After


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That is one orderly looking drywashing operation!

I'm curious, how do you choose your spots to drywash? Are they mostly where you guys found nuggets with the detectors?

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Thanks JG ,

Working clean is working thorough, and gives a better sense of accomplishment. The old timers did the same thing sometimes and I`m just glad they didn't have beepers. :yesss:

Maybe Boulderdash can elaborate , but yes, gold was found in quantity upstream and down stream of the bench. Statistics say good gold should be on the bench if the dynamics / conditions are favorable.

Boulderdash beeped a couple nice pieces on bedrock near the most inside edge. Also several pieces were found on the leading edge of the bench. Unfortunately , the bedrock went smooth and was no longer a favorable situation, but fine gold was still found in the overburden and bedrock.

Did you notice the massive 151 tailings pile in the background :thumbsupanim The fines pile alone was 3 feet high and many feet in diameter..


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Do you think that there would be more gold deeper into the Bench on the left that has the rocks stacked on top of it? The gold looks great and nice to see results of hard work.

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Yes, there very well could be, but there is a limit to what would be considered "workable ground". Meaning, time it will take to get the gold versus another spot that is easier to work with quicker gold. Time is everything ......

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