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minelab question...

Jim Gilmore

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Just wondering what the smallest sizedtargets you have found with your minelab. which machine and which coil..?

I often see people use the term small bits and wonder why nobody seem to use grains.

After all there are 28 grams to an ounce.

488 grains to an ounce so 1 gram would be about 17 grains.

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1.6 grains is the smallest I've found, about 1/2" deep.

BTW there are 31.1 grams to a troy oz. So it's like 15.4 grains to a gram. Small differences but if you are buying or selling an ounce of gold you wanna know that.

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God bless you JG!

In America placer gold as traditionally been weighed in troy weight. I'm a grumpy old guy who believes tradition is an important aspect of American culture so I always give these guys a bad time about metric weights.

With a 6" round mono coil I have found many pieces that you can't pick up with your fingers off of a smooth counter top and my electronic scale won't weigh.

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Last year ... wouldn't register on my high end electronic scale(paid way to much for it! LOL) ... found near Rich Hill ... GPX5000 and 8" Commander (ML) Round Mono. it would have fit on the head of a common pin with space to spare ... found with in the first inch or so of soil.

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