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Just a nice day in the hills


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Hey all:
Welp...got out today and hit a wash I mapped out that was just a 1/4th mile over the mountain where we had found a little over 2 oz of gold. Hiked back in a half mile to get to it and started up it.. Man it looked good! Just like the other wash. Lots of iron dikes, quarts dikes shcisty bedrock and TONS of iron stones!!!
Tons and TONS of iron stones. Way more then the wash I got the gold out of. I could not go 6 inches without the detector screaming. Well, knowing I was in a gold area I just kept going.....3 miles and 5 hours later my head is rattling and I dont know If I would have heard gold if it was there or not. :(

Kept testing my test nug and trying to keep in mind the difference of sound. It was just waaaaay to hot. If iron is the mother of gold....well its the mother bleeper of detecting! :)
Still a good day out in the silence (without the headset on) and enjoying nature.

Found a nice 4 point rack from a mule deer....didnt carry it out. Its still there.

No yellow stuff and just a bullet and a boot tack to show for the day.

Good day out and LOTS of exercise :)
Tom H.



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Getting out is at least half of the fun for me. Glad you had a nice day.

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