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Do Magnets stick to "Lava bombs " ? every piece Ive found is either slightly or strongly attracted to a magnet, here's 4 of the heavy ones I just took out of the tumbler. these are slightly are attracted to a magnet. I did the streak test and there is a light grey streak when I push real hard.


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Hi Rigidy.

The Lava Bomb photo is blurry and hard to see much detail. Post a clearer photo and I'm sure someone would be able to offer an answer.


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I had tests done at a laboratory through a guy who'se been in the gold business for 50 or so yrs. it cost me 100.00$ to have the metallic specimen tested the test shows that it is an "unknown alloy" have I discovered something special ? I don't know where to go from here can anyone help ? I can post more picts. if necessary.

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You paid a hundred dollars to have a specimen analyzed and all they could tell you was what you already knew? A real lab would have told you the exact make up of the specimen.

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