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What small coil do you use on your minelab ( PI)?

Jim Gilmore

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Jim, you must keep in mind that the SD series was not designed with tiny gold in mind.
I am not saying you can't find small gold with them you can I have done so.
What I am suggesting is that you use what you have at this time it is a perfect combination.
The machine you now own I have used in the past and detected small gold with it in its stock factory condition. (stock factory coil) on the very 1st day I used it 2 nuggets.
Give yourself some months of use to become familiar with its sounds and capabilities before you worry about any other coils.
And when that time comes I believe you will be shopping in the other direction (larger) because your stock coil will suffice for small and general hunting.
Good Luck, Hapy Huntn and put the hours on it to become familiar.

I also bought a 10 inch NF because I used one for awhile and saw what it could do as far as small gold and also saw pennyweight sized piece come from near 2 feet deep in a wash too.

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Have to agree with what Frank said on this one ... If you had a GP or GPX series I would have something different to say. Stick with your stock coil and then go bigger for the deeper stuff. If the rocks are a problem ... move a few of them and see if you find more gold under them ... if you don't ... don't worry about it. If you must use a smaller coil the little Sadie 6x8 or the 8" commander is a good choice. Both of those are mono's btw.

Mike F

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Hard to beat the 8" commander on the SD units. A good compromise for the NGE (near ground effect i.e. swamping the receive from surface mineralization ) of a mono on the SD series.

If I remember correctly the 8" was included in some SD 2200 D packages, meaning ML felt it was suitable.

The 5x10 Commander DD is a sweet lil coil on the SD's also a must have IMEO. Sometime a great bargain can be found in a used Coiltek Joey DD.

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Jim where the rocks are concerned remember to use your coil at different angles to the ground around the obstructions and THRU the rocks.
And most important MOVE them when possible to gain the advantage of getting that coil on the ground.
I was truly amaxed at the sensitivity of the stock coil on the detector you bought as I said I detected 2 nuggets the 1st time I used it in an area that we had detected many times before with different types of machines.
Jim when you can't be "in the field" using this equipment you can read and research any aspects of detecting with the aid of a computer.
You need to eat drink and sleep it to gain insight.

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I find these two coils work very well also..just used the 8" mono Commander on my 4500..and it was picking tidbits of small iron trash, every time I found one I was amazed how sensitive it was. I have been using vlf machines for 20 years,and heard the Minelabs cant find the small stuff, well with one of these coils on a Minelab you can.

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