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The legs end up behind you. I may shorten them a bit and they do pull off easy enough for storage.

GB is done with the off hand.

Same with the switches. Altho I think Ill trim the stock legs to allow a bit more finger room.

Like any change you get used to it after a while and I know the unit well enough to run it in the dark.

You'll get a chance to try is soon Klunker…….it has a DD coil :)

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Thats how mine got beat up Martin, well a few unintentional drop n kicks too :)

I need the option of keeping the control box off wet ground.

Still need to add the small coil mod that allows you to lay the coil flat.

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Innovations are great, but I sure do like to be able to do everything I need to do on the GB II with one hand. The coil extension tha Advanced Mining Equipment makes 100 % solves the stupid design flaw of the small coil........


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