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Metal Dectecting & Very Rocky Ground


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:grr01: This weekend I was metal detecting over some very rocky ground littered with hot rocks. The worst part was I didn't even find a 9mm or 45cal round!!, only one very small piece of junk. So is there a preferred method for metal detecting over what seem like asphalt driveway only larger stones?

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Gaius I wish I hadn't seen this post because today I was doing the very same thing you describe.....my method is to use a large DD coil.....the larger the better.....today I was using a Coiltek 19" round DD and only dug two deep hot rocks that were the size of a volley ball.....the interior of the rocks was red on red spots.....but the DD took care of most of the hot rocks....

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I like the smallest coil I can use on any unit in that type a ground. You can easily move around larger rocks and easily get around hot rocks as your detecting a smaller area . Thay have a tendency, sometimes as no always in this bix, tend to sounf off similiar so any signal that even has a slightly different composition sound off different, as detecting a much smaller area. Better differentiation on smaller coils,try it you'll be a much happier fella-John :yesss:

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