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Dry washer coughs up a nice one

Caliche Chris

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I've been digging a new hole in a old stream bed between several huge boulders. I always have a vial with me to put big pickers in. Yesterday was about my 12th day in the spot and I only had one small nug in there. We had rain in the forecast so I was trying to make yesterday count and ran a bunch of dirt. Well at some point this beauty turned up in the second riffle. It's almost big enough to not make it through the classifier. One of you gold bug gurus had better come check these tailings!post-26514-0-04221600-1382706834_thumb.j

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Very nice Chris !! Like El Dorado suggested, check your tail piles with a detector, those bigger ones are there to, i once threw a shovel full of material into my 151 Keene and saw a nugget fly right into it, I shut the blower down and look into my riffle tray and it was a nice 1.2 pennyweight nugg stuck right in the first riffle. Thanks for sharing!

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Chris ... really nice find ... if you aren't running a detector over the tails by all means PM me with the GPS and I'll run my GB Pro over it. :4chsmu1: The Pro hasn't paid for itself yet! :old: Mike F

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I will have to break out the vsat and run over the tailings after finding that monster! It's my biggest yet by far. I am down about six feet and as the hole tapers down I got a small spot about a foot across where I hit some bedrock. Some old soft stuff that's green and the first inch scrapes off easy. I think that's where the big one came from. Hopefully there is more in this hole. Thanks for the comments everyone.

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Here is an eye opener. My Son was drywashing last week. But being a good professional

prospector he always has his Goldbug 2 handy and checks his headers and tails often.

He pulled a 3/4 ounce piece out of his header pile,that was in dirty quartz. It rolled right

off with the other oversize.It was dirty enough that it would not be detected by sight. Always

check those piles often,don't try running gobs of dirt then wave a coil over it. Check your dig

hole sides and bottom often too.

I pulled 2 1/2 ounces out of a small area that had been hammered by lots of detectors and

drywashers and only moved a couple yards of new dirt. Most of the gold was in the stuff that

had already been worked. Almost an ounce was rounded nuggets from their tailing piles.

I love working behind guys that don't test,get in a big hurry,and work like mules digging tons

of dirt for just part of the gold. :old:

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It's not how much materials you move that pays the most. It's HOW you move it that counts. I've never drywashed in my life without a detector. Same with highbanking as them grizzly bars do the same thing, they throw them biggies away. Congrats,go get mo'-John

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Chris ... sounds like you found the paydirt on the bedrock ... I would try expanding the bottom a bit and use the vsat often as has already been mentioned.

Here's to more big gold for you!

Mike F

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