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I'm gone!


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Trailers loaded, truck fueled and I'm out of here tonight around 2:30! See ya soon nugget!, oh you too Chris! It's about a 10 hour drive, so will be in camp around noon or there abouts.



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Good Luck to you Bud......

GO geet some gold!!!!
Tom H.

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Trying to play my cards right so that I'm ready to make the drive back east for my deer hunting expedition and still make time for a couple days at the Basin. It will be a last minute thing if it happens. Mike F

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Four hernia's ... quite an accomplishment Frank ... No wonder you have been a hurtin' puppy for awhile now ... Take it easy but do move around ... lift no more than 5#'s for a week or so ... or as the Doc said ... no more than a gallon of milk. BTW .. That 14" elliptical instead of that 16 round will work at the Basin! LOL Get well soon and fast ... ya ain't gettin' any younger and time and golds a wastin! :old:

Mike F

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