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Prospecting with trees - interesting article.


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Good article and I'm sure that for hundreds of years miners have wondered if there was some type of tree or plant that only grew on soil where there is gold. This tree does not seem to fall into that category. It does show that the tree does not leave the gold behind when it uptakes nutrients. There could be selective membranes which would leave the gold but this has not happened. The task for a miner would be to show that certain plants favor gold so highly that they almost never grow on soil without gold in it.

It may not be the gold itself but a secondary property caused by the gold being present. For instance, if a gold rich soil had a lower or higher pH then a plant would be favored but I don't know that the vegetation on Rich Hill is any different than the other hills nearby. Gold is very stable and is not like iron which will 'rust' into the systems and layers of soil and a small amount is needed by plants. The main nutrients needed by plants in the soil are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The main components from the air and water are CO2, hydrogen and oxygen.

It would be 'nice' to grow gold trees and harvest them but then the value of gold would be much less.


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