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Bluewater Desert Challenge BITD race


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For this race series we have to run two people in the car.

The co-dawgs job is to watch the GPS and relay course info to the driver. Really important in traffic when the dust is bad. Visibility gets down to zero at times. Other than that just need to be familiar with the machine for repairs and tire changes. The last two races I drove in my co- dawgs got really sick and just puked the whole time. No help at all. It's easier to get sick when the dust is really bad. Without being able to focus on anything you get vertigo. Once that starts its only a matter of minuets before the puking starts. :-)

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Blake it was worth saying it twice! Sorry couldn't resist ... but if you did wash all that dust down you wouldn't have to eat for a few days while your system leached all the hard pan out! Kinda like a wet washer getting rid of the overburden! LOL

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