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Skunk buster Today!


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Hey all:
Well, the weather was perfect the moon was full, all the stars were aligned....and dad and I got out!

On the way in we spooked a owl that kept flying about a foot off the ground in front of us. He finally landed and I was able to get a pic of him. The eyes are peircing to say the least.
Hit a old placer mine and did some detecting up some washes around it. Got a nice cache of lead and mining artifacts. :) I scooped up 4 buckets of dirt out of thier pile they were processing and found out why they shut down....one measly flake after running it through the trommel tonight, and some more lead!

Hit another area and didnt find anything.

Went back to an area we got a nice string of small nugs out of last year but have not hit it since the monsoon flood. Welp....it gave us a couple of nice little guys!
YEHAAAAA...............We finally busted the skunk! :)

It was really nice juicy bedrock......nice shist, iron dikes, quarts dikes....ironstone. Just the right mix.

It was a great day out, weather was nice and the good Lord blessed us with gold and seeing a kritter.

Cant ask for much more then that.

.9 gram.....paid for the gas!

Tom H.






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Dude yes!!! Good for you Toms. Must be a Lucky owl. Only one color out of 4 buckets so much for my retirement placer pile.

Maybe I just dug on the wrong side of the pile? :(


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