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For those of you who hunt meteorites with a metal detector

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Which metal detector do you use and if you have a screen with a VDI how does one react to a metal detector? Are all of you guys out in the western US who look for meteorites on a regular basis? I live here in Middle Tennessee and I know 2 guys who have found a meteorite just wlking the banks of rivers and creeks. I am fixing to start looking in the large pastures and fields here and see what I may run across. Sorry if I am bringing up an old topic but just curious what you guys do. I know alot of people out west just take and surface hunt with a magnet on the end of a stick. But who or is there any of you who actually dig for meteorites? Thanks, Tim

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First, read all the back-posts; everything you can ask has been answered somewhere...

Second, find the Field Guide by O. Richard Norton for a complete primer...there are many other fine books.

Third, meteorites are of infinite compostitions so no one can accurately answer that...if you have a sample of a meteorite type that is in a known fall area...you MIGHT be able to depend on the vdi. Out here in the deserts of Cal, Az etc people are using whites-gmts, goldbugs, and various Minelab Pi machines-this is far from a complete list. Using any kind of discrimination will eliminate almost all meteorites...

read the back posts there is too much asked to be answered in this post...

good luck


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