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Couple pieces from Gold Basin today

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Don't know if you remember me or not but, my buddies and I found your buddy wandering around the desert last weekend. You helped me with the set-up on my Minelab at your camp.

Could you contact me at wwagon55@yahoo.com ?



This is Jason's buddy bob, sure happy about you saving my ass, after you left, fixed a big bowl of oatmeal and slept until Friday morning. Good thing about it, my legs are back in shape for hiking in the mountains for Peg Leg's lost gold, with my new Lobo MD, thanks, bob

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7 grammer I found a few days ago.

Dennis, you'll hit one man. Keep that threshold down a bit, most my finds are whispers!

For me it's all about the right gravels and the right depth soil. Keep an eye out and stay observant and the nuggets will come.

Just remember the settings I was showing you, experiment around from there. The ground in the Basin is ultra quiet generally speaking so you can really crank things up. Gain and stabilizer are the most important in my experience. Also a larger coil for exploring might cut a lot of time, they are expensive though. 17x11 NF EM is my hands down preference personally.


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