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street tear out. Best hunt ever!

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Hi Guys,

Fruitland is a pretty cool old town. Before the interstate, Fruitland was on a state highway which connected to Ontario, Oregon, and beyond west and north.

Some years back I and some other detector guys snooped out a new city park being prepared in Fruitland. As you guys, we did find some pretty nice old coins but not as many nor any tokens that I recall.

Its all about timing, and you guys hit it right on the numbers, thanks (again) for the great video, and another example of what is possible if you get out and about in the countryside.


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In old town Coulterville the street tear out showed up gold coins and in Sonora the street tearout pulled out gold that shut down the site as 100s would not be denied...so they paved paradise and put in a parking lot or a street but underneath.... :yesss: John

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Awesome hunt guys, congrats and thanks for sharing!! :thumbsupanim

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