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Is this a huge meteorite?

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Check the pics and please tell me your opinion. The rock is around 6.5 kg (14.33 lb). It was broken in two pieces to see how it looks inside, and this is only the bigger part, the other one was lost. So tell me what do you think. It is a meteorite or not? If yes, how much could be worth it?






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Minerals and meteorites are identified by their physical properties...Appearance, hardnrss, specific gravity, fracture, luster, streak, crystal structure, etc. etc.

Not having any info required for an I.D. is tough. It is certainly not a meteorite but that is about all you can tell from the photograph.

I would say you have a hunk of botroytal hematite.

Get a basic field guide to rocks and minerals. Audubon Field Guide is great. Tear out all the photos and throw them away. You will have only a few pages left at the front of the book. It is a ten minute read and this is how we all identify rocks, minerals and meteorites. There is nothing tricky about it. Just simple observation to determine the basic physical properties of the specimen. With this info anyone can I.D. a rock. Without it no one can.

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