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NOI with Shutdown - what about 15 day rule?


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§ 3809.312 When may I begin operations after filing a complete notice?

(a) If BLM does not take any of the actions described in § 3908.313, you may begin operations no sooner than 15 calendar days after the appropriate BLM office receives your complete notice.

Seeing as the government is shutdown and the BLM isn't taking any actions as described in the above CFR, what exactly is the state of mining right now? If a guy has submitted a notice and 15 days has passed can he start mining? What if no bond requirement was issued before the shutdown?

I'd love to call the BLM and have them clarify but being shut down and all, what exactly is a person supposed to do to find out?

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Nobody answers as shuttered. No BLM Ranger backup when dealing with homeless scum/drug mfgrs/cartel growers has made them somma bs MOST brave since shutdown up here.....John

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Same situation different product. We have a federal timber sale bought

and paid for. But due to shut down can't proceed without load ticket books,

and pre work inspection.

We talked to the ranger,who in real life is a good guy and friend. He says

any project on federal land requiring a decision or action is in limbo until

after the shutdown. Proceeding without their input will void any contract or


The ranger wants our job to proceed as bad as we do,and is just as concerned

as we are,but can't take any action. The LEO is still on duty and active

though!. Our only recourse is to sit it out,and the fed's will extend the time,

on the contract to make up for the time loss on the project.

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Oh I didn't submit it before the shutdown, it was just something I was curious about as I was reading the CFR's with the 15 day rule. And seeing as we are on the verge of another shutdown battle looming in a few months I thought it would be good info to know. Also if we have an extended shut down then what happens with notices? The 15 day rule seems pretty clear.

I had asked the geologist to take a look at it before I submitted the NOI and let me know if there were any glaring issues so I could avoid undue delays, but they shut down the next day before I could send it in.

But I got it finished and submitted Monday so we'll see how it turns out, haven't heard back yet. Looking forward to mining with some POWER. :thumbsupanim Move some real gravel.

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Man there is nothing like steady gravel and diesel fuel!

Hope it pans out! I bet you have your costs and volumes per day all figured out and have tested and blocked out your gravel well. I can imagine that if you are getting mechanized you are pretty sure of a return.

That would make a GREAT thread Jason... The development of a claim and an operation as a business venture?

I know it is TOUGH to make a mine pay on a larger scale than say "Keene 151". There always seems to be limited gravel to support a machine for more than a couple of days.

I tried it a couple decades ago. The cost per yard of processing the gravel was about $3 back then and there were many thousands of yards of gravel that ran $5-6 bucks a yard. But after the bills were paid we didn't take home any more than the same amount of time shoveling through the big drywasher.

I wonder what the spreadsheet would look like today?

A lot of guys talk about developing a claim. Very few actually do and even fewer have any idea about how to make a profit at it. Any advice or strategy to share in that respect?

Hey, did you locate or build a big machine?

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Yeah I've got calculations up the wazoo. I've designed my own machine and I'm building it in Colorado, I gotta go back to finish working on it if permits are approved. It's somewhat modular so I can scale it up easily if the design works. Initially it will only about 4-5x the throughput of my Keene during testing, a mini-excavator will keep it busy. I'd like to be running a 24" backhoe bucket constantly eventually, or a normal skid steer sized loader bucket. There isn't a lot of design precident and data for a large scale drywasher like there is for sluice boxes, dredges, etc so I'm approaching it empirically mostly.

I'm waiting to hear what the bond is, if I can't post it then I'll have to work a regular job again and save up. So, this may be a long process. I'm not really in a hurry. After I get more experience then maybe I might have something more to share but now I'm just starting. :D

And my case is probably similar to yours. I suspect that in the end I may not make a whole lot more than shovelling by hand and the potential for losing money is very real and present as well. But I want to try and see how it works out and mining is unpredictable so one never knows I suppose. One of those things, I was sitting in a hospital bed wondering if I'd get up again and thinking "man, I never went and mined with a backhoe, why not?". Gotta do things when I can or regret it later. I would love to be able to do it as a business if it works out that way, but if not then it's going to be a great experience.

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Specific performance bonds are akin to bail bonds-they can be bought for about 10% down and collaterial is the bond issuers insurance against non performance. Hope ya find TONS A AU :4chsmu1: John

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