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Has anyone tried this website http://www.thetent.com/aogcr/az/azsf_index.htm
to see stream conditions? The data comes from the USGS somehow.

I found this to give stream conditions in AZ. I've kind of figured out that wherever these stations are that they will display a little water flow and a little water depth even if there is no water flow, but if it rains the both those graphs will spike. I can use this before going out to some of the claims to see if there is any water flowing there. It beats driving out to the claims guessing whether or not there is water.

I don't know if the data is accurate as of now or 24 hours late. I really do like using a sluice, but don't know if the river or creek is flowing.

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Here is a better site for Maricopa county:http://www.fcd.maricopa.gov/Rainfall/Streamflow/streamflow.aspx

Any of those little towers you see along side washes that have the little antenna pointing out are live reading if its raining, they where designed primarily as flashflood warning stations.

At one time they installed one right in the middle of the campground at Stanton, upon completion they drove away, with out naming the parties involved it was decided by the few middle of the summer residents to test it, running a garden hose over to it and turning it on it took 2 1/2 hours before someone arrived from Phoenix to see the localized flash flood!

The sheriff was not called but it was a near thing, he would have had to come from Prescott and they didn't want to wait around.

M ax

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Chris and Max your FootPrint map already has that feature built in for the entire western US.

Go to the Internet layers and check the box for "Real Time Streamflow". When you refresh you will see the gauge symbol displayed on the waterways wherever there is a reporting station, there are something like 2,000 of them. If you zoom in names will appear next to each gauge station. Click on a gauge symbol while in the Information mode and the result will have a link to the display the USGS data for that station in a new window. Current and historical flow information is there.

All these gauges are real time. If a station is down or broken the window will still open and display but there will be a note that the station is not reporting. Some of these stations have live webcams attached so you can see the current conditions as well as view the graphs.

Isn't modern technology wonderful?

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Hi El Dorado,

The Middle Fork is essentially done. We have a working copy and we are eager to release it. We have a few small claims status details to clear up with the BLM before we are comfortable that the information presented is accurate. They seem to be out of the office these days. :idunno:

We should be able to clear up that within the next two weeks - with or without the BLM. So I guess the answer would be - not yet but very soon. :yesss:

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