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Is this a meteorite?

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This was sold to me as an unclassified end cut. I see evidence of fusion crust and there are nickel/iron specks inside. It feels unusually heavy for a rock of its size. It is attracted to a magnet. Only thing that gets me is a few tiny holes inside. I can't tell if they're vesicles or just holes from material knocked loose during cutting. Ideas?





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Ok, I will tomorrow. Just one question. I did the streak test and the rock had an almost reddish gray streak. It was not the thick any only appeared defined on some sides of it. It is very weathered. I have read in multiple credible places that extremely weathered meteorites can leave streaks. Is this true? As the rock passes all tests but this, and the streak doesn't look as defined or red as one would expect a hematite streak to be.

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Well I have confirmed it is an iron meteorite. After over an hour of acetone baths and vigorous filing, I whittled down the outside to find a completely iron meteorite. So the streaks were just from all the rust and debris on the outside. And as I grinded, the small holes disappeared, so I'll chock those up to remnants of the cutting. Thanks though.

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So the streaks were just from all the rust and debris on the outside.

Yup, when you do a streak test you are supposed to make a window first, then streak the window so you are getting the inside of the rock.

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